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Kingsland Recreational Area

Within the boundaries of the Mjejane Game Reserve, lies an exciting recreational area, known as Kingsland.

Kingsland is a safe, fenced in game reserve with a wide variety of fauna and flora. There are several different facilities on site that can be utilized by visitors such as mountain bike trails, hiking and trail running, a braai and picnic

area and much more.

The focus of these trails is to introduce the trailists to the concept of Wilderness; its ethic, philosophy, principles and values.We aim to facilitate an experience that embraces some of the fundamental values of nature; solitude, timelessness, freedom from a world where human is in control, and a place where the sounds and ways of nature prevail. Mjejane follows a very strict minimum impact policy, in line with nature principles.


Mjejane Game Reserve, Administration Office. We are currently located on Erf 1. Telephone: Melissa at 082 786 3815


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