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More About Malelane

Whilst visitors flock to Mpumalanga to experience the increasingly elusive bush and wildlife experience, there is far more to be experienced if you scratch beneath the surface. Malelane best known for its production of sugarcane, subtropical fruit and winter vegetables, was named from a swati expression called eMlalani which means place of the palms. The warmth in this town not only lies in its general weather but in its connection to nature.

You’re a few steps away from an experience of a lifetime and we are ready to make it epic with our handy lists below.

What’s a holiday without fun things to do? Whatever your kind of fun, we’ve got you.

and many other adventurous things to do.

We know you’re geared up and ready for nothing but a good time, here’s a list of emergency contacts just incase a good time turns sour. Not to worry, you’re in good hands.

Not only are you in good hands, you’re also in a good town that knows you might just need to do your last minute shopping. Hey, it happens and we are always ready.

  • Inkwazi Shopping Centre
  • Ingwe Shopping Centre
  • Marlothi Shopping Centre

See you soon!

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