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More About Phalaborwa

Are you just as keen to live a little longer like baobab trees? Maybe not 3000 years but old enough to never miss an opportunity to visit Limpopo. Embedded within this amazing province is Phalaborwa, a heartwarming and welcoming town located near the Ga-Selati and the Olifants Rivers, halfway up along the western border of the Kruger National Park in the Lowveld.

Nicknamed “The town of Two Summers”, Phalaborwa does not just have long summer nights, but tons of sunshine during the day to enjoy all kinds of adventures. If you and nature are a vibe then this place has your name written all over it.

From the sporty to the knowledge rangers there are some amazing sights to see in this hidden gem:

Every now and then the unexpected happens, but we’re not worried, help is just a phone call away. Here are some emergency contacts that might just come in handy.

No need to worry about stocking your kitchen this far away from home. With an array of supermarkets in town you can cook for yourself, alternatively Phalaborwa has restaurants to cater for anyone’s needs. Pick which one speaks to your heart and you’re good to go.

  • Steers
  • Yurok Spur Steak Ranch
  • Debonairs Pizza
  • Galito’s
  • Buffalo Grill & Bistro

and many many more.

We all want to Capture those moments and we’re making sure that the simple mistake of forgetting your camera does not make that impossible. That’s where the local Cash Converters can help you out.

Sometimes it happens that you think you’ve packed it all only to realise those shorts you really feel comfortable in are nowhere to be found, it’s okay, there’s always a plan B. We’ve compiled a list of Shopping Malls that will help you out.

  • Lifestyle Centre
  • Eden Square Mall
  • and Namakgale Crossing complex

While making epic memories is important, so is having a steady and safe ride. Supa Quick Tyre Experts and
Hi-Q are there to make sure of it.

With all that said Phalaborwa cannot wait to have you.

Phalaborwa Accommodation:

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