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What to Bring

What to Pack for your Mjejane Trip

Mjejane Game Reserve is a self-catering establishment and all Lodges are therefore self catering lodges, please note that no catering of any kind is permitted.


- Food and Drinks

- Coffee, Tea, Milk Etc

- Snacks (Biltong, Chips etc)

- Salt, Pepper, Spices etc

- Wood and Ice

- Insect Repellent (Mosquitos)

- Sun Block, Sunglasses, Hats and Caps

- Warm Clothes for Game Drives in the Winter

- Camera's and Binoculars

- Medication to Pack:

Allergy Pills

Pain Pills

Anti Septic Creams

Heartburn Tablets or Chewables

Anti-Diarrhea Medicine

Cold / Flu Pills

Malaria Risk Area

• Moderate risk malaria area

• Please consult a healthcare professional for the

latest advice on malaria precaution and


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